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JAL manufactures extrusions to meet the specific requirements of all segments of customers like Industrial users, builders & fabricators, Automobiles, Wind & Solar, Furniture, against their specific orders with mutually acceptable techno – commercial terms.

Sales also take place through our extensive dealer network spread across the country. For the cities, not serviced by dealers, JAL has appointed consignment agents also to service its valued customers throughout the country. Sale to the international market is on the basis of orders received from them. JAL has capable and fully trained separate teams to service every customer – be it actual user or dealer or international customer.

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There is a choice between mill finish, anodized finish, powder coated or wood finish which the clients can procure as per their choice. Fabrication of extrusion like, drilling, milling, cut to size etc is also undertaken if the customer needs the same.

JAL has a huge library of approx 15000 readymade dies to meet most of the requirements of the customer. You’ll find most of your profiles in our existing die library if not then new dies as per your specific designs can also be developed, in short time for various applications by us in our tool shop equipped with most modern machines.

Here at (JINDAL) we are able to look at very complex requirements of profiles and develop a product which suits your requirement your repeatable product. Our engineers are happy to assist you to help bring your concepts to life, from complex, tight-tolerance extrusions to a full range of CNC machined and fabricated end product.

(JINDAL) is continually looking for ways to improve and simplify a design. That’s why we involve our customers from the beginning to understand the functional requirement of the profiles you need and then make dies which deliver profiles of intricate designs in all kinds of alloys. We can also suggest you the alloys most suited for you, should you need any assistance. From the drawings to the final extrusion, we create the best product only with involvement of our customers.

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