Pattern Sheet

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Product Details :

It is also one of a key product in aluminium industry. As this is light weight and design pattern product, many industries are using it for various purposes. This product is having good weldability and formability. We are supplying this product majorly in transport industry. Our product meets all international standards. The key benefit of this product is corrosion resistant, bright finish, strength and design. The product comes in 2 different patterns: 5 Bar and Diamond. The product can be supplied customized. We can supply this product in various alloys and temper.

Types of Pattern Sheet

Specification :

Pattern Sheet
Thickness (min) Thickness (max) Width (min) Width (max) Length
0.45 mm 5.00 mm 813 mm 1550 mm Customized (min. 1 meter to 6 meter)

* Tolerance will be considered as per IS standard

Application :

  Trade Plate

  General Engineering

  Floor Sheet

  Bus Body

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