Litho Coil

Rolling Division


Flat Rolled Product


Product Details :

This product requires perfect attention while rolling and handling. To achieve the standard parameters of Litho coil, we have a separate zone, which looks only after Litho coils. The product also requires dust free environment which we have controlled in our plant. The most important parameters is to have dead flat material and bright finish. The gauge and flatness are controlled by automatic flatness controller and tension leveler. Our products meet all international standards. This product mainly goes in alloy 1050 and 1060.

Specification :

Litho Coil
Thickness (min) Thickness (max) Width (min) Width (max) Standard Inner Diameter
0.18 mm 0.30 mm 610 mm 1550 mm 508 mm

* Tolerance will be considered as per IS standard

Application :

  Offset Printing Plates

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