Renewable Energy

Wind Energy

With limited availability of conventional sources of energy, Karnataka is inevitably facing acute shortage of power for over 30 years. JAL came forward to face the situation with an alternate non-conventional renewable energy source – wind energy. Wind power is environment friendly and a green technology. JAL's 25.6 MW wind power projects are situated at Chitradurga District, 200 km from Bengaluru and 25.2 MW wind power project in Anantapur Dist. of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, JAL has now commissioned total 50.8 MW capacity wind power projects. JAL is not only self sufficient in power but also contributes, as the excess production is being channelised to the respective State Grids.

Solar Power

The Company has also set up 10 MW solar power project in Chitradurga District, Karnataka and 20 MW solar power project in Davangere District. Thus, the company has set up 30 MW solar power projects. It further intends to set up 50 MW solar power projects in Karnataka/Andhra Pradesh in coming years.

Thus, so far the company has installed and commissioned 80.04 MW renewable energy projects.

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