Jindal Aluminium Reviews

Jindal Aluminium Limited is one of the leading aluminium extrusion manufacturers in the country and we are as famous for our product quality and work ethic as we are for our care towards our employees. We believe in functioning as a complete unit with focus on quality and innovation and this approach of ours has helped us bring in a lot of radical advancements whether it is in the manufacturing process or quality control.

Quality is our strength

Jindal Aluminium Limited ltd is known for its focus on quality and eco-friendly processes. Quality we believe is never an accident; it is always the product of hard work and sincere commitment towards betterment. Our commitment to quality and quality processes is apparent in our ISO and HSB certifications. We constantly apply ourselves to quality improvement and have managed to put in place procedure and standards that are revered internationally as benchmarks.

Our employees are our key assets

We believe in the power of our workforce and it is owing to their contribution and diligence that we have managed to cement ourselves at the very top of the industry. Jindal Aluminium Reviews from customers and employees reflect the kind of love and respect we have among them. Employee engagement and welfare initiatives have been a part of JAL’s policy since inception and we are committed to having a satisfied and motivated workforce. As leading aluminium foil manufacturers in India, we believe that focus on quality, innovation and employee engagement is the key to sustained development and staying at the top of your business. Check out Jindal Aluminium Reviews below.

Jindal Aluminium Reviews


Compensation is Excellent

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If you are looking for good pay, career growth and a decent work environment amongst the manufacturing industry lot, Jindal Aluminium Limited is a good option. I joined about 1.5 years back and it took me some time to get adjusted to the work load and heavy expectations. Especially if you are in marketing, the demands are high but the pay is more than what is paid in the industry. Also, if you are willing to exert and achieve, you are rewarded handsomely. Senior staff members helped me cope initially as I found the job tough initially. But now, I handle it quite well! You should consider Jindal Aluminium limited if you are willing to work hard and deliver. After all, the compensation is excellent!

Jindal Aluminium Reviews


Jindal Aluminium is a good place to work

Jindal Aluminium limited Reviews Jindal Aluminium limited Reviews Jindal Aluminium limited Reviews Jindal Aluminium limited Reviews

I am a JAL employee and have been with the company for the past 2.5 years. I don’t work in the sales or marketing areas and have no idea about how things turn out there. However, across JAL, there are strict rules to be followed and working hours are a bit longer. However, the pay is good and the seniors are really helpful when you need guidance. I’ve never had a problem communicating with them! JAL takes good care of its employees, and employees welfare is a strong point. Besides, they have a host of charitable organizations too, to help the needy. JAL is a good place to work for if you need career growth and adequate compensation.

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