Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews

Employee engagement is the key to success and a satisfied workforce can accomplish wonders when it comes to customer satisfaction and product quality.

JAL is one of the leading extruded aluminium manufacturers in India and the key to our success is our workforce. We believe in having a satisfied workforce that is motivated and we have worked towards providing a work environment that is conducive and transparent. With appraisals that are transparent and good work being chosen and rewarded, we have achieved a low employee turnover and have a workforce that is motivated. A quick look at the Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews by employees will lend perspective on our employee welfare initiatives.

Apart from providing the best compensation packages in the industry, we also provide our employees with other perks such as food, accommodation and we also run a string of charitable educational institutions and hospitals for their welfare. Our focus on employee engagement has been appreciated by all our employees (both past and present ones) and is apparent from the glowing Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews that we get on popular social networking sites.

Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore is the preferred work place for many employees and the amount of resumes that pour in from all parts of the country stand testimony to our commitment towards employees and their career growth. As leaders in manufacturing aluminium rolled products and other aluminium extruded products, we bring in the latest technology and provide challenging work on a day to day basis! Check out Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews from popular sites below to get a glimpse of our employee welfare and engagement initiatives.

Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews


Performer & Hardworker can get promotion

Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews

If you are looking for career growth and learning opportunities, Jindal Aluminium Limited is the place to be. I joined the R&D wing as a Management Trainee and I rapidly got two promotions owing to my efforts and with the help of my seniors. They recognise and reward talent here. If you are good and you are willing to learn and put in hard work, you can go places. However, if you are a decent performer too you have a good chance of survival here. The appraisal and performance review systems are transparent and the pay is excellent. I couldn’t ask for a better launch pad than Jindal Aluminium Limted.

Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews


Seniors are friendly towards newbies

Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews

JAL places a lot of importance on performance and targets are exacting! The pay however is good and when you are in sales, achieving set targets is your job. The best thing about JAL is the friendly work atmosphere and of course the senior staff members who are very helpful and friendly towards newbies. When I joined, I was almost a fresher and didn’t know much. My HOD’s helped me understand the rules and workings of the place and even took to teaching me a lot of things. There is a lot of difference between what you study and what is expected of you when you work and they helped bridge that gap. The pay is good, other compensations are fair, and the working hours are a bit long though. Altogether, it is a good place to work at.

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