Rolling Division


Flat Rolled Product


Product Details :

Our rolling division has capacity to fullfil requirement of heat exchanger, transformer and other requirements by providing excellent quality fin strips. Presently, we are supplying only bare / mill finish strips. Our product has been approved by many of the inspection agencies in India and globally. We not only take care of sales, quality but also provide after sales service. We have develop this product by closely working with our strategic partner and our scientists. The key benefit of this product is, it has a high strength and flexibility. We can supply this product in various alloys such as 1050, 1060, 1100, 1200, 3003 and 3103.

Specification :

Fin Strips
Thickness (min) Thickness (max) Width (min) Width (max) Standard Inner Diameter
0.20 mm 0.91 mm 10 mm 150 mm 76 mm & 152 mm

* Tolerance will be considered as per IS standard

In House Capacity

As this product requires perfection, we have installed most modern multi slit equipment in our premises, which controls width and burrs in the coils. Our multi slit equipment gives excellent finish of material.

Application :




  Air Cooler

  Heat Exchanger

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