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Dr.Sitaram Jindal was born on the 12th September 1932 in a remote village called Nalwa in Haryana, India to Netram Jindal and Chandravali Devi. His father, Netram Jindal was a landlord, and a highly disciplined person who believed in hard work and Chandravali Devi was an incarnation of traditional Indian womanhood, with inexhaustible love and care for others. Dr.Sitaram Jindal is the fourth of the five brothers; all came to be illustrious at latter days as they set up together an industrial empire unparalleled in modern India, and no wonder that they all carried the qualities of their parents which formed the basis of their attitude towards life and work, and a key to their success. Dr.Sitaram Jindal was schooled in his native village and graduated from Calcutta University in 1956 and was subsequently awarded a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy. He has also been honoured with a D.Sc. by the Tumkur University. He is one of the founders of Jindal Group of Industries and is the Founder, and Chairman & Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Ltd.(JAL), with a turnover of approximately Rs.2500 crores (Rs.25000 million) per annum. JAL is India’s largest aluminium extrusion producer meeting about 30% of the nation’s extrusions demand. The Company regularly exports its products to USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Gulf, Africa, Sri Lanka and other countries. Among many national and international awards including export promotion award from Government of India, JAL was the first to receive the prestigious ISO-9001 certification in aluminium industry in India. The company has also established Aluminium Rolling Division for manufacture of aluminium sheets and foils near Bangalore with an investment of over Rs.700 crores.

Yet his real passion lies not merely in the success in business which at the best indicates his capability as a leader and his smart thinking, but in his unshakeable faith in Nature, in its beauty and in the mystery of the great elemental forces and its curative and sustaining power within which the life itself originated and in which it must end. The blossoming of this interest is now almost legendary. In his younger days in Kolkata, once when he was suffering from a stomach pain of unknown origin, which could not be cured by allopathic medicines taken for months, at the instance of a well wisher, he went to a local Naturopathic clinic, ill-managed and dirty, but nevertheless, got cured.

It was a defining event in the history of drugless medical care in India, as that was the time when the visionary in him could see the illimitable possibility of naturopathy and yoga as curative tools. About that time he was giving a shape to the advent of a new drugless regimen that has no side effect, and also an integral part of rural Indian life-style. Few years later, he took upon himself almost single handedly, the task of developing a systematic, well-defined drugless regimen, based on scientific diagnosis and finally, at the outskirt of Bangalore and Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (now called as Jindal Naturecure Institute) was born under a separate Trust in 1979. The rest is history.

Dr.Jindal is deeply committed and highly responsive to the welfare of the society. He spends quality time and huge funds for various social and charitable activities. He is instrumental in establishing and running several charitable institutions in the field of education, health, social welfare etc. and is the founder of 16 charitable trusts and societies that are doing yeoman service to the community and world at large.

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