Bare Foil

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Product Details :

Aluminium Foil is one of a prime products in rolled products. It is used in many applications in various industries. We have been supplying this product to various customers according to their required parameters and end usage. We are providing extensive packing for food packaging also, as many of the customers require moisture free packing.Our QA team checks single coils so that any error should not occur. We supply this product in various width and temper as per customer requirement. Presently, we are offering foil in alloys like 1100, 1200, 1050, 1060, 3103, 8006 and 8011.

Specification :

Bare Foil
Thickness (min) Thickness (max) Width (min) Width (max) Standard Inner Diameter
0.007 mm 0.150 mm 150 mm 1550 mm 76 mm & 152 mm

* Tolerance will be considered as per IS standard

Value Added

In case of any coating like food grade coating is required by any customer, we have some vendors who can do coating and can supply you as per requirement.

Application :

  Tagger Foil

  Semi Rigid Container

  Industrial component

  Tobacco Packaging

  Foil Tape

  Candle stand

  Lamp cap

  Cable Wrap

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