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Sales Policy

JAL manufactures extrusions to meet the specific requirements of all segments of customers like Industrial users, builders & fabricators, Automobiles, Wind & Solar, Government/ Public sectors Companies against their specific orders with mutually acceptable techno  commercial terms.

Sales also take place through our extensive dealer network spread across the country.

For the cities, not serviced by dealers, JAL has appointed consignment agents also to service its valued customers throughout the country.

Sale to the international market is on the basis of orders received from them.

There is a choice between mill finish, anodized finish, powder coated or wood finish which the clients can procure as per their choice. Fabrication of extrusion like, drilling, milling, cut to size etc is also undertaken if the customer needs the same.

JAL has a huge library of approx 15000 readymade dies to meet most of the requirements of the customer. If the customer has any specific design, new dies can also be developed, in short time for various applications by the company in its tool shop equipped with most modern machines.

General Terms and Conditions for Domestic Sale

Price – Unless stated to the contrary, all our prices are Ex-works, Bangalore and do not include Excise Duty, KVAT, CST, Freight, Insurance, Octroi or any other Government/Municipal Levy, which will be charged extra at actual as applicable at the time of delivery.

Excise Duty – The current rate of Excise Duty is already mentioned in the quotation. However the rate, as applicable on the day of despatch will be charged, in case of change.

Weight – Weight recorded at our factory scale will be final.

Length – Any specific length between 1-7 meters can be supplied without any extra charges For lengths below 1 mtr or above 7 mtr, cutting charges as agreed will be payable. 

Interest Charges – Interest at applicable rate will be charged if the documents are not retired/payment is not received within 5 days or as agreed from the date of dispatch of material/proforma invoice whichever is earlier without prejudice to other rights including the right to forfeit the advance, claims damages/losses and to dispose of the undelivered goods after waiting for 30 days, at buyer’s cost.  

Tolerance & Specification  Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, materials will be supplied as per IS Specifications. Any omission in the description of the material required shall not entitle the buyer to repudiate the agreement of sale or to claim damages. All tolerance etc. will be maintained as per IS Specification.  

Inspection & Rejection  Inspection, if any, should be carried out at our works prior to dispatch of material. Rejection, if any, should be intimated in writing within 10 days from the date of receipt of material by the customer or within 30 days from the date of dispatch whichever is earlier. No complaint will be entertained, if the same is reported after the expiry of this period.  

Transit Insurance – As the material is supplied on Ex-works basis, the company will not be liable for the loss/ damages in transit. No claim for loss, damage in transit or short delivery will be entertained by us. To cover all such risks, customers are advised to insure the material in transit for transit risk and loss if any to be claimed from transporter or insurance company. Alternatively, transit insurance can be arranged by us on your behalf, at extra cost, at actual, on specific request.

Transportation – We reserve the right to dispatch the materials through any reputed road transporter, unless a particular transporter is nominated by the customer.

Change of Order – Any alteration/cancellation pertaining to the Purchase Order should be intimated at least 10 days in advance prior to the date of delivery. The buyer is liable for all losses incurred by the Company for mistake /cancellation of the order.

Indemnity  The buyer shall indemnify the company against all damages/losses/penalties/costs/ fees/charges/levies/expenses/claims/compensations etc in any manner whatsoever concerned to which company may become liable as a result of work done in accordance with the buyer’s specification which involves the infringement of any registered Design/Trademark/Patents.

Demurrage – All demurrage charges incurred for non-clearance of materials in time after the arrival of the same at the destination or for any other reason shall be borne by the buyer.

Warranty – Jindal Aluminium produces aluminium profiles of varied shapes, size , strength and alloys as per requirement of the end user. The selection of right alloy, temper and shape and size of the profile is the responsibility of the buyer of the profile for the intended usage and JAL is not responsible for any life, wear and tear or suitability of end uses. For the profiles Jindal provides test certificate to the buyer with respect to the mechanical properties, alloy composition and dimensional aspect of the manufactured lot.

Jurisdiction – All contracts between the buyers and the company are deemed to be entered into at Bangalore and therefore are subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Bangalore.

General – Any order placed on us against our quotation implies that you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions. At the time of placement of order, the buyer is requested to furnish full details such as alloy & temper/chemical composition, physical properties, necessary drawing, sample component and end use for our suitable selection of raw material and process.

Terms and Conditions for Developing New Dies – General

New dies can be developed against security for New Die (SND) to be deposited by the customer.

The amount of (Security for New Die) SND will vary depending on the type of profiles and whether the die has to be kept exclusive to the buyer. The exact SND will be informed while submitting the offer.

The SND would be refunded to the buyer if the stipulated minimum quantity of extrusions is bought within a stipulated period. If the minimum stipulated quantity is not taken within the stipulated period, the SND would be forfeited.

The minimum first lot supply for any new die is 250/500/1000 kg, depending on the profile.

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