Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews

Being leading aluminium foil suppliers in India, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. To capture market share, stay ahead of competition and persist at the top spot for a long time in the industry, customer satisfaction is the means to the end. Customer satisfaction has a variety of different aspects such as continued quality improvement, looking out for customer grievances and improved TATs and response times.

Going through Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews from our dealers and customers sheds light on our focus on the requirements of customers and our kind of quality and service that we offer. Whatever the size of the business – small, medium or conglomerate, we treat them in the same manner and work with the same kind of dedication and zeal towards every order. This has ensured a top spot in the industry for Jindal Aluminium Company Limited over the years and we manage to remain at the very top of our industry till date.

Customer satisfaction is very hard to achieve and treating our workforce right will ensure that we are on the right track towards customer satisfaction. With a motivated workforce, our output is sure to be better and the focus on quality and timeliness of deliverables will be reinforced. We are leading aluminium manufacturers in India owing to our quality, customer satisfaction initiatives and employee engagement strategies. A glimpse at any of the Jindal Aluminium Employee Reviews or Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews from dealers and customers will shed light on our efforts in these directions; check out some of the reviews below.

Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews


JAL is a good place to start our career

I started working with Jindal Aluminium Ltd in 2012 and so far, though the workload has been a lot, the compensation and career growth are excellent too. Here, the learning opportunities are many and the ambience is very helpful. I was mentored very well for the first 6 months and till date; I get the necessary help whenever I approach seniors at my office. Also, being associated with a top name in the manufacturing sector like Jindal adds a lot of weightage to one’s resume and career prospects. The company takes a lot of initiatives for employee welfare and they also are very active in the CSR. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation that is a non profit charitable organization is a part of the Jindal group and they do a lot of work towards healthcare and education. In short, JAL is a very good place to begin and end with your career and the pay is quite good, let alone other facilities.

Jindal Aluminium Ltd Reviews


Gained nice experience and scope

I have been working with JAL for the last 5 years and I must say that it has been a satisfying experience. There is a lot of scope for professional growth and the seniors are always ready to lend a helping hand every now and then. The location is a bit far off and the work load is little high but otherwise, the food, accommodation, perks and salary are quite reasonable. It is a good place to begin your career IMO and for your family too – there are schools and hospitals nearby which are pretty good and run by the Jindal Group at a very concessional rates/fees. They are very strict when it comes to discipline and rules which could be a problem for some people. Since it is a manufacturing facility, this has to be so and the pay being very good, I have found no reason to complain so far!

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