Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore Reviews

JAL is one of the largest aluminium foil manufacturers in India and ever since inception; we have focussed on quality and continuous improvement to cement our position in the industry. We believe in research and our R& D wing is state of the art wherein the focus has always been on constant quality improvement and innovation. Our quality initiatives have not only resulted in product improvement but they have got us rave reviews from customers. Jindal Aluminium reviews on the internet are an indicator of the customer satisfaction we’ve achieved through our quality improvement efforts.

Jindal Aluminium Company Limited is ISO and HSB certified and we are always on the lookout for processes that help in improving the processes we have in place in our manufacturing units. Some of our efforts have helped us bring in eco-friendly processes and automation has helped us ensure employee safety us all. Another area where we lend a lot of focus and care is employee welfare – we have instituted a lot of practises that ensure employee engagement and a positive work environment. Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore Reviews from employees reflect our work in this area and this is one of the main reasons for our low employee turnover.

The Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore Reviews also weigh in on our social responsibility initiatives – our charitable educational institutions and hospitals. It is the social responsibility, employee friendly management and stress on eco-friendly processes that has endeared us to our work force and customers alike and we have grown to be the leading aluminium factory in Bangalore as a result of it.

Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore Reviews


Pretty Good Experience in JAL

I have been in sales for years now and I have joined JAL recently (been here for 6 months now). Meeting targets is mandatory in sales and JAL is no exception. Since the targets are fixed with great discretion, those are surely achievable and hence for those who are willing to go an extra mile, there is no reason to be complaining it, especially when the reward is high. I have had a pretty good experience so far in my 6 month stint here and I personally believe that the compensation is pretty good.

Jindal Aluminium Limited Bangalore Reviews


Had a Good Experience - JAL

I have been working with Jindal Aluminium Limited for the past years and I must say that the compensation is good. The work environment is ok and there is a lot of scope for growth, provided you put in the necessary hard work. On the flip side, the working hours are long and the regulations are rather strict; apart from these, I don’t have much to complain about. The food and other amenities are good here. At JAL, if you put in sincere effort, you are sure to go places.

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