Jindal Aluminium Company Limited Reviews

Jindal Aluminium Limited is one of the leading aluminium manufacturers in India; we offer a variety of aluminium rolled products and extruded aluminium products that are used across various industries. We cater to clients from automobile, heavy electrical, transportation, building and construction, industrial, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Jindal Aluminium Company Limited Reviews reflect the quality of our products and highlight why we enjoy the top spot in the market today.

Quality has been our forte and we’ve worked towards instituting the highest levels of quality process controls and we are both ISO and HSB certified. We also focus on research and continuous improvements; our research wing is state of the art and constantly working towards quality and efficiency improvement. We are also committed to clean and green energy and we have our own power plant that harnesses wind energy. Our power plant is self sufficient and we constantly apply ourselves to assure in processes and technology that helps in reducing the carbon foot print and pollution levels.

As a result, our products are sought after in the international market given our commitment to quality and green energy. Jindal Aluminium Company Limited Reviews from dealers and customers reflect well upon our timeliness of delivery and our initiatives to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe in employee welfare and treating them right and Jindal Aluminium employee reviews on the internet on various sites are indicative of how invested we are in employee engagement and welfare activities.

Jindal Aluminium Company Limited Reviews


Excellent Pay Package

At Jindal Aluminium Limited, there is a lot of scope for career growth. I joined JAL as a fresher and have continued to work there for the past 10 years. The best thing about working here is the help from seniors and of course the excellent pay package – the salary compensation is one of the best in the industry. The management is keen on a lot of employee friendly activities and listen to our grievances and tries to resolve them. Another thing that still amazes me (even after a decade long association) is the amenities and perks that we enjoy – food, accommodation, etc. If you are willing to put in hard work, you are sure to have a good career graph here!

Jindal Aluminium Company Limited Reviews


Quality is guaranteed whenever we buy

We have been associated with Jindal Aluminium Limited for more than 8 years now. We procure aluminium extruded profiles in bulk from them for our ongoing construction projects. Quality is guaranteed whenever we buy from them. Besides, they always deliver on time even as also in short notice! There have been times when we’ve placed bulk orders at very short notice and they’ve managed to deliver the entire load with great quality too! The thing that we’ve noticed about them is that they treat small orders and big ones alike. Our relationship has only strengthened over time! We would most certainly recommend them to everyone .

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