Why is it important to combine automation and technology?

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Automation and technology go hand in hand. In fact, boundaries of automation have always been pushed and new advancements have been achieved owing to technology. When it comes to the manufacturing sector, automation is extremely important as it leads to efficient performance, lower error margins and improved productivity.

Jindal Aluminium Limited has always placed a lot of emphasis on incorporating new technology and we have implemented automated systems in our manufacturing facilities. For instance, we imported an automated die cleaning system that helps clean the dies as well as recover the caustic soda used for the process. There is limited manual intervention in the entire process and the process is eco-friendly as well. We place a lot of importance on the wellbeing of our employees and we are very conscious of the environmental impact as well. Jindal Aluminium Limited thus participates in a lot of fairs, presentations, discussions and international events that deal with industry improvements, technology and innovations.

Pragun Khaitan attends World Trade Fair & Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany

Pragun Jindal

Mr. Pragun Jindal Khaitan, Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Limited attended the World Trade Fair held at Germany last month. The fair is a prestigious affair and is a forum for discussing various innovations and technological advancements in the industry and is a great networking site. With over 1000 exhibitors and 27000 visitors, the World Trade Fair is an international meeting place for manufacturers, marketers, processors, providers of semi finished products and completely finished ones as well.

Various topics pertaining to Aluminium Extrusion Industry such as Furnace technology, Casting, Heat treatment, Primary production, Recycling, Surface treatment, Metal working, Welding, Joining, Automation, Semi-finished products, etc. were discussed. The lightweight technologies forum held at the congress focussed on hybrid solutions with presentations on cross-sectoral production technologies and applications oriented lectures. Mr. Pragun Khaitan has always been enthusiastic about latest technological innovations and how automation can be employed at JAL’s aluminium extrusion facilities.

Jindal Aluminium Limited has always focussed on implementing state of the art technology and processes in order to increase the efficiency and optimize production capabilities. Under Mr. Pragun Jindal Khaitan’s able leadership, R&D efforts are being focussed upon with renewed vigour and JAL is expanding its operations and expanding its position in the global markets as well.

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