Emergency Mock Drill at JAL Gas Plant

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“You can only fight the way you practice.”

This maxim is very true when it comes to response to emergencies and we believe that emergency response training should incorporate what this quite literally. We take safety very seriously and we believe in being proactive and testing our response plans. We conduct emergency mock drills to ensure that we are prepared for every emergency. We conducted a mock drill recently in memory of the tragic Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984; read on to learn more.

The Mock Drill

An emergency mock drill was conducted at the JAL gas plant on 2nd of December 2016 to assess the preparedness levels of our response teams in case of an emergency. The scenario of the mock drill was gas leak and fire emergency near vaporizer no. 1 and the purpose of the drill was to create awareness amongst employees, check for the communication and response time of the emergency operator and assess the efficacy of the security, maintenance and response teams.

The drill went on perfectly and the response time were upon estimated timelines with everyone taking up their respective positions automatically near hydrants, monitors and all the systems activated on time and functioned immediately to take control of the situation. All the operations were brought to a standstill upon sounding the alarms and the security and maintenance teams functioned at top speed to ensure safety.

We later had a meeting and de-briefing with the service personnel from the fire department, ambulance personnel, police and LPG officials to identify strong points and areas of weakness in order to improve the efficacy of our emergency response further.

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