Automatic Die Cleaning and Caustic Soda Recovery System Helps Reduce Pollution in Extrusion Plants


JAL, one of the leading aluminium manufacturers in Bangalore has imported an eco-friendly die cleaning process that handles automatic die cleaning and caustic recovery that helps in reducing the consumption of caustic soda and thus helps in reducing pollution.

Conventional Die Cleaning – An Overview

Caustic soda is used for dissolution of aluminium from extrusion dies in die cleaning systems and in a traditional cleaning system; the dies are completely immerseted in caustic soda so as to clean them before reuse. In a conventional cleaning system, the caustic soda solution gets completely used up thereby needing frequent replacements and also posing caustic soda waste management problems. The used caustic soda that is rich in aluminium is toxic and its disposal is thus problematic. Also, there is no recovery of aluminium from the waste and there are the environmental problems caused by the residual waste that need to be tackled. Thus, a fully automatic environment friendly die cleaning process that helps in caustic soda recovery and reduces pollution in the process is most welcome.

How is the Automated Process Better?

The automated process ensures that caustic soda fumes aren’t released into the environment and these fumes are treated separately. The manual effort here deals with having to place the dies for cleaning in their designated trays or baskets and unloading the dies post treatment. This system helps in recovering almost 85% of the caustic soda used up and this reduces the procurement cost of caustic soda. Not only that, the only by-product of this process is aluminium hydroxide that is non hazardous.

Jindal Aluminium has always been committed to employing eco-friendly systems that have minimal impact on the environment and help in reducing pollution. Being one of the leading aluminium suppliers in Bangalore, we have always sought out solutions that are environment friendly.  The automatic die cleaning and caustic soda recovery system imported from Italy ensures that there are no caustic fumes released into the environment. Also, treatment of the water used for rinsing isn’t necessary with such a system as we employ the partially rinsed water to dilute caustic soda and dispose of the rest.


  1. Every industry has to be conscious of the environment and take steps towards going green. It is great that Jindal Aluminium Limited is so committed to green energy and eco-friendly processes. The emphasis on non hazardous waste and reduction in manual labour so as to minimize exposure to hazards at work is truly laudable.

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